Trying more new foods

We encounter new foods nearly everyday here. We’ve made it a goal to buy and try at least one new fruit or veggie from the open-air market each week. Here is what we’ve been trying lately:

Wiskil (wisk-eel), a spiny, squash-like vegetable that needs to be peeled, de-seeded and boiled for 25 minutes or so before use. Once cooked, it tasted to us like a cross between a potato and a zucchini. Very versatile to use and easy to find.

Pepino Dulce and Maracuya (another type of passion fruit). The maracuya was delicious! The vendor had told us that the pepino dulce was like a melon and would be tasty with lime and salt on it. He was right! By itself, it was pretty bland but it was delicious when topped with lime & salt or added to a tomato, cucumber and lime salad.

Sapote (saw-poe-tay) is beautifully vibrant with a wacky looking seed, but wasn’t our favorite to eat by itself. After researching, it seems it would be good in smoothies or made into ice cream.

Probably our favorite of this bunch – Star Fruit or Carambola. I bought a dozen on accident, so it’s good we like them! (I’ll now never forget the spanish word for dozen = docena!) They are delicious just sliced and eaten, even the peel/skin is edible – think of a bell pepper. They have a crisp texture and lovely apple/pear/citrus flavor. I’m going to make a star-fruit upside-down cake and also use them in salad. Yum!

Luke’s favorite “new thing” to try — Frozen Hot Chocolate! He’s a big fan 🙂

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