Celebrating Christmas

We all had a very hard time realizing that Christmas was actually coming this year. After spending the past seven years in very cold climates, it was so strange to still be wearing short and t-shirts and using our swimming pool in December. It definitely did not feel like Christmas, but Christmas did indeed come!

Christmas Eve (Nochebuena) is more significant here than Christmas Day. We were unexpectedly treated to dinner two times that evening! Once by a new resident to our compound and then later by our compound guardian who arrived with his wife and fresh tamales, ponche (a homemade fruit punch) and beautiful gifts for our kids. It was incredibly humbling to be the recipients of their thoughtful generosity.

We had forgotten that Christmas is a time for many, many, many fireworks – the most being at midnight on Christmas Eve.

Doing “normal” Christmas activities — and then a not-so-normal activity, swimming!

We got to celebrate in the evening with our friends, the Deeds and some other new friends. It was a special time of fellowship, thanksgiving and singing.

And then a walk home together under the Christmas lights…

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Christmas

  1. Oh my! What a lovely little town & your kids feel right at home. I hope your stay there is filled with great experiences & new customs are always interesting. What a great education & for you all.
    I love your photos & reading your journal of experiences…keep well in the New Year … Tiene Bueno Nueve Ano👏💥Love, Dawn

    1. Gracias Dawn!! We feel so happy to be able to experience this place with our children. Such a special gift at a special time. We are hoping that you are doing well? We miss you Dawn!

  2. What a gift to their lives and yours. Opening their hearts and minds to others. They are little mini Jason and mini Carrie. Oh I wish I could come and share time with you, but I will through your post. Happy 2022.

  3. It was fun seeing how you celebrated your Chirstmas! Good to see the loving community that surround you as well 🙂 . Happy New Year to you and your family…you are in our prayers.

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