Feasting our eyes

Everyday as we walk into town for our Spanish class, my eyes can hardly take in all the beautiful things around me — from the gorgeous volcanos and mountains, to the colorful buildings, to the abundance of amazing flowers, and of course the completely incredible people. I feel such love for this place and these people.

2 thoughts on “Feasting our eyes

  1. The journey continues to unravel for you. I know that you are thriving and loving the community around you. Learning Spanish, watching the kids experience the daily activities through their eyes must be incredible. The weather, the colors, the daily activities are so powerful I am sure. Oh how I would love to jump on a plane and come share with you. I continue to care for my mom. There is no snow and I wonder what the winter has in store for us. Keep sending your updates. It reminds me of what I seek in the world around us. Much love to you four. Jessie

    1. Thank you Jessie!! You know exactly what a wonderful blessing it is for us to be living here and experiencing this with our kids. We would SO love to have you here with us and will remember you as you care for your Mom through this winter. Much love to you!

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