And the house hunt winner is …


We were fortunate to live in Number 1 for our first week here and it really was WAY too noisy (we had to stop conversation when vehicles were going past, which was all the time). And, that outdoor bathroom! Just not a go for us with kids using it in the night, especially with us already needing to be very vigilant about safety.

Number 3 would have been awesome, but … without kids who already rise with the first hint of dawn’s light. Being in a loft space just wouldn’t work. Even though I really wanted it to.

Number 2 definitely makes us feel spoiled and a little embarrassed by just how nice the grounds are. There is even a full-time guardian who looks after the property. There are 5 other units on the property and we’ve already met several of our new neighbors who have been really friendly.

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An added bonus is that we have hot water in ALL the taps!!

Many homes here come fitted with a “widow-maker” or electric shower head which heats the water just enough to make for a semi-bearable shower, but that’s about it.

Lastly, this was by far our easiest (and cheapest) move. Jason made three trips in a tuk-tuk with our luggage, paying less than $10 total, and we were in! The kids have been swimming twice already and are loving it! We are feeling so happy to be in a space that we should get to stay in for the next six months. Now … to try to make it feel homey.

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  1. Im sooooo happy for all of you! I love how the Lord provides!!! Enjoy! Praying for the lives you will touch and serve…Love to you all

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