International House Hunting – Panajachel

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We’ve been working to find long term housing for our six month stay here. We don’t think we are too picky, but it is not an easy task!

Our priorities are to find a: 2+ bedroom house or apartment for less than $500 a month, on a safe compound with an outdoor space for the kids (and us too!)

Here are our options at this point:

This first one is our current short term rental that the owner has offered to let us rent for our entire stay.

Option #4 — Some friends have offered their absolutely magnificent home for two months or so while they are away. It is such a tempting offer as the place is stunning! But, the thought of moving again in a couple months puts a damper on that idea, especially as we try to create some stability for our kids. I know it would be a hard transition for me to move from their lovely space to one that would likely be so much less lovely. It has been a wonderful kindness though to have a safety net as we look for long-term housing.

3 thoughts on “International House Hunting – Panajachel

  1. Go stay at the friends house for a little bit and enjoy (like a holiday). Sure it’s nicer than home, but you’ll feel refreshed for having stayed there! Also, I’m liking poolside.

  2. I love the outside area for the kids in the second option. I don’t know that I could do the outside bathroom of the first option (but then again I am much older and am up during the night :)! ) I would not enjoy being on a busy street either. The second one seemed a good choice although it may be darker maybe it could be lit up with lamps? The two bedrooms are nice! It is all so exciting for you to have choices…Lifting you all in prayer as you settle into your new home….the Lord will lead you as you make your decision! Sending love to you all!

  3. I like option 2, with the outside space the family can enjoy being outside and that yard is amazing!!!

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