Two weeks in —

Friday marked two weeks since we arrived in Panajachel. We’ve definitely been busier than we expected to be, but not in a bad way. Opportunities to get involved in our community have been abundant and we’d also forgotten how time intensive some relatively simple tasks (like basic shopping) can be here.

So, what have we been doing with our time?

Spanish school is our biggest priority right now — we go five days a week and little-by-little (poco a poco) are seeing small improvements.

Jason quickly got involved with Will at Dirty Feet Missions and is helping teach English twice a week in a small pueblo a few miles out of town. Luke goes as well and has a great time helping out.

Mabel and I got to spend a little time helping sort and organize donations at Porch de Salomon.

The kids and Jason quickly got involved in extra curriculars which has been great! Mabel does a dance and an art class weekly while Luke is in basketball twice a week. Jason has been playing basketball with some men from our Spanish-speaking church, plus soccer with an acquaintance from our last time here and running a couple days a week with a friend.

I don’t know yet where I will “fit” into our new town, but I’ve hosted friends in our home several times already so perhaps there will be something to that.

A prayer request for us is that we can be comfortable with shifting our purpose here as circumstances around us change and/or as God directs us. We want to be flexible with this beautiful opportunity that we have been given and ultimately, we want to be useful to God’s kingdom here on earth.

If we walk across the street from our house, we get this fantastic view. Catches my breath everytime.

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  1. Looks like a beauty of a place to spend 6 months, beautiful people, beautiful scenery! Carrie, you are using your hospitality gift. That is such a special way to touch hearts! God is working and directing your paths!

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