Finding Community (& eating a lot of blackberries)

We had a surprise visit from this family a few weeks ago which was quite a thrill! We were drying out our camping gear and they decided it needed to be checked out. Although these are “only” black bears (and about as dangerous as oversized racoons), we were still glad to enjoy them from inside our house.

We are enjoying getting to know some of Jason’s co-workers this summer, who I refer to as “tree-people.” In addition to getting to know these cool people, I have also thoroughly enjoyed the variety of tattoos the “tree-people” are sporting — from a redwood tree branch, to the cross-cut of a largest felled tree, to a “butt-mark,” which is a unique marking each forester places at the base of every tree they mark. It’s been educational to say the least!

We have all been feeling very thankful for our tiny community and the warm reception we have received here. Mountain people definitely have their own way of life and we’ve been loving the chance to get a glimpse of it. We’ve been fellowshipping on Sundays at the local Hilltop Chapel, and can’t remember ever attending a more friendly church. It turns out a number of our new church friends live on our road and now we see someone we know nearly every time we go on our daily walk. That makes me so happy.

Another component to our community this summer has been our monthly visits to my parents. We are loving getting a chance to know our extended family better; with trips to the beach, walks to the donut shop, impromptu meet-ups with Nana and getting to hold the newest cousin.

We started our new homeschool year this week and continue to be thankful for the flexibility it gives our family during this season of moving from place to place and exploring this world together as a family.

Last thing that we are loving – chowing on blackberries! Of course, we know they are invasive and a nuisance, but they are delicious! And we have so many growing along our driveway and along the road. YUM!

We love living in daily awe of the wonder of God’s creation all around us.

4 thoughts on “Finding Community (& eating a lot of blackberries)

  1. Loved your newsy letter!! Sounds like you are enjoying your new temporary home. So happy they are so friendly and welcoming!! Also glad that you are seeing family often. I know your folks are happy to be part of your life for a season. Bless you as you are in this season of your journey….sending love and prayers. Hugs, Donna and Fred

    1. Thanks so much Donna! We are enjoying this season very much and trying not to take it for granted for sure. Hoping your summer is going well, we have missed seeing you the past few times we’ve been in town. Hope to see you soon! Carrie

  2. I’ve made lots of memories with my cousins growing up so I can just imagine the fun the kids are having! It’s inspiring and beautiful to see the joy that comes from choosing a lifestyle based on the Lord’s call even when it is not the “norm” and challenging at times. I enjoy reading about your adventures! Sending lots of love and prayers your way. ♥️

    1. Thanks so much for the affirmation Vanesa! We are definitely loving the family time. And something I am learning on this journey is that it is definitely challenging. I had a friend ask me recently why I had thought this life might be easy. I didn’t have a very good answer for her, but it encouraged me with the realization that we shouldn’t expect that following what God has for us to be easy. Now when the harder things come along, I try to keep my expectations in check 🙂

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