Settling in — summer home # 2 of 3

We completed our June move on Sunday and are getting to know our new place. It’s great to be living together as a family again and also to see where Jason’s been living and working.

We had a wonderful time visiting with both our families in May. To have Jason living 3 hours away during the week wasn’t our favorite; but, the kids and I had a great time being in the same community with grandparents, cousins and other family.

During our road trip north, we celebrated our 15 year anniversary with Jason’s family — a few additions to this group in the last 15 years! So thankful for the Schlafmann family!

While we were in the Northwest, we recorded the kids measurements on our traveling doorjamb – they’d both grown a lot in the past year!

We had an amazing time catching up with family & friends along our route in Oregon, Washington & Idaho.

The kids and I made the drive back to California on our own as Jason returned earlier to start his new job. We had some great stops along the way — staying in an Oregon yurt, collecting rocks and watching the sun set at Gold Beach, driving through Redwood National Park and over the Golden Gate Bridge!

To keep ourselves out of trouble, we helped create a (hopefully) deer-proof garden area at my parents house for the whole family to use. We motivated ourselves by putting the gate up first.

In between times, we made it over to the coast for several wonderful beach days — meeting up twice with long-time Spokane friends, the Drozdovs, who were in the area.

Some of the joys of living near family:

  • my kids getting to help their cousin with his dog-walking job
  • my dad, my husband and my nephew all showing up to church wearing the same shirt
  • my parents getting to see the kids as they leave for “crazy-hair-day” at VBS
  • going for rides in dad/papa’s classic car
  • where every occasion feels special because it’s cousin/family time

And one final, special moment before we moved — getting to spend Father’s Day with my dad for the first time in over 15 years. My older sister and I even got a father-daughter date with him. I love that since we’re living just 3 hours away, the special days and time together can continue for many more months!

8 thoughts on “Settling in — summer home # 2 of 3

  1. What special times you had here with your family!!! Blessings on Blessings!!
    Hope to see you more when you are here again! Sending hugs and prayers as you adjust to your new home…..Donna

  2. You and your family continue to dazzle me. I love the life journey. Happiness abound the simplicity, yet a balance I know. Keep the journey alive. Love you guys

    1. Thanks Jessie! We always appreciate your encouragement on this journey! And we definitely need the encouragement sometimes. Whew, as you know the constant moving can get tiring, but we feel so thankful to get these opportunities and can’t help but not let them pass by.

  3. Hey, Carrie! Always wonderful to see where you’ve been and what you are up to! Adventures always! 😘

    1. Thank you Gwen! So good to hear from you! Of course there are plenty of non-adventurous things going on too 😉 the dishes and laundry abound, but we are thankful to get to mix in some fun. Hoping your summer is going well?

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