Finding snow … and looking out for snakes!

We have been back in California for over a month already and it has most definitely been a blur of activity and movement. There have been many wonders, and of course challenges too.

One of the things Luke misses the most about our lifestyle is the lack of SNOW. So one of the first things we did after moving into our summer home was to head up the hill to find some. We were all surprised at just how much was still left from California’s big winter.

It was such a treat to get to see the big Sequoias in the snow –

We were blessed to have about 10 days with my parents before we moved. We love being with family and squeezed in a lot of great cousin time —

My sister, Bonnie and I even got to go on an short but amazing trip to Kauai to celebrate her 50th birthday!!! We had an incredible few days together exploring this beautiful place.

Bonnie and I also got to go on our first road trip together with our Mom in probably over 30 years. Unfortunately, it was for a really difficult occasion, the funeral of our cousin. I am thankful that all of my siblings were there with my mom and glad for the opportunity to get to see so many family members, but it was a stark reminder of how precious and fleeting life is.

We moved into our summer home four weeks ago and have been busy getting settled in while exploring the beautiful property around it. We are very thankful to have a place to live! Housing in the U.S. has been very difficult for us to find. Even while we are grateful, it has also been a pretty rough four weeks settling in for our small family and I have been doubly thankful for God’s gift of the abundant beauty surrounding our home.

Jason and I got to celebrate our 16 year anniversary together with our kids at Hume Lake. It was a beautiful day and we are thankful for our continued marriage. We’ve have enough hard days-weeks-months together to know that each good day is a precious gift.

Jason continues to really enjoy his work as a Forester and brings home photos of the spectacular places he works in each day —

During our Memorial Day weekend visit to Atascadero we made it over to Morro Bay for some beach time — it felt pretty chilly to us, but the kids (as usual) did not mind!

Lastly … every single person we have encountered in the community around our home has reminded us to “look out for snakes” pretty much every.single.time we see them. Rattlesnakes are common here in the foothills and we are learning very quickly to watch where we put our feet and hands – every time! Jason got to help kill his first one at our church of all places! Once it was dead and beheaded it was a great learning opportunity for all of us to see, touch and hear up close what one is like.

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