Keeping cozy and packing up

Our mountain temperatures have been dropping and I’ll admit, I’m feeling ready for our warmer, Guatemalan, home! Our rental cabin is not insulated. In the summer, that meant that on 100 degree days it was 90-95 inside. Now with 30-40 degree days, we wake up to 46 degree inside temperatures. However, in spite of the cold we were all THRILLED to find some snow last week and we’ve been extremely thankful for our fireplace!

Before the cold arrived, we had a spectacularly beautiful month — starting with celebrating my Dad’s 80th birthday with the entire family.

We were fortunate to spend a weekend camping down at the base of Kings Canyon National Park — we’ve loved living less than 10 miles from the entrance to this spectacular park.

The kids and I then got to go on a fantastic adventure to Sacramento and meet up with special South Dakota friends — the Haan gals! These amazing folks were our next door neighbors when we first arrived in Rapid City. Mary effortlessly included us in the life of her family. We were so blessed by them then and it was really special to reconnect.

Before we left Sacramento, the kids and I did a homeschool fieldtrip day – visiting the Capitol, the State Railroad Museum and sharing a Boba tea at Happy Lemon.

And then it was time for Halloween – a favorite holiday of the kids. Getting to spend it with family was a huge highlight!

This week has been a difficult week of saying goodbyes to all the people and places that made our summer wonderful. We are excited to return to Guatemala, but that doesn’t make the goodbyes any easier…and then there is all the packing to be done! We are so thankful to have my parents barn apartment as a refuge while we transition once again.

We would really appreciate your prayers as we return to Guatemala (on November 15th!) – for smooth transitions and mostly that we will have eyes to see who God places in our path. If you are interested in partnering with us financially, please visit our donation page – and thank you so much!

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