Being Tourists in Antigua, Guatemala

Earlier this month we needed to renew our tourist visas in the Capitol and we took the opportunity to stay in the nearby city of Antigua for a few days. We feel so blessed to everyday literally be living out this dream of ours, but it was still delightful to get away from our Pana home routine and just be tourists for a few days.

Jason’s parents generously gifted us a beautiful AirBnB to stay in which we thoroughly enjoyed — it had three marvelous courtyards (with giant leaves!).

Antigua is a beautiful city. This was my fourth visit and I love it every time.

Below is the original “laundry mat” for Antigua — now, a lovely park located right across the street from our AirBnB.

The Central Square — I love the beautiful church, the fountains and surrounding plazas … the kids love feeding and chasing the hundreds of pigeons 🙂

One of the fun things about visiting Antigua was that Luke had been to many of these sites eight years before —

In Antigua there seems to be a beautiful church, or the striking ruins of a church on every block.

On the recommendation of a friend, we spent a morning visiting Caoba Farms. This farm-to-table location was a wonderful place to spend the morning. The kids got to visit a butterfly sanctuary, play on a large play structure (there are very few play structures in Guatemala), and observe some chickens, rabbits & ducks. Plus we all got to enjoy an amazing breakfast!

Our last stop and one of my favorite places to explore was the ruins of the convent at the San Francisco el Grande Church. This large complex was destroyed by an earthquake in the 1700’s and later used as a backdrop for part of the 1935 Tarzan film.

We were very sad to say goodbye, but also glad when we arrived back into our Pana home. Until next time Antigua —

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